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New Photos
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 Living year round on the NorthEast Border of Yellowstone National Park, Dan and Cindy Hartman have obtained many special images of elusive wildlife. Through years of patience and careful, quiet and respectful observation, they have proved rare wildlife can be photographed in their natural habitat, without the use of game farms.  The Hartmans, which also includes two daughters Kelly and Cassie, have operated their Silver Gate Gallery for the past eightteen years and have sold thousands of prints and posters.  Dan and Cindy have also been widely published including National Wildlife and National Geographic.
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All images are the property of Dan &Cindy Hartman. Any use of these images without their written permission is strictly prohibited.
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To get daily updates on what's happening in Yellowstone go to yellowstonereports.com 
 7-3-11 The girls and I ran down to Hayden the other day. We had black bears at Tower and on Washburn. A griz at Round Prairie . Mule deer with twins at The Buffalo Ranch. A long-tailed weasel at Canyon. 6-12-11 I've been checking a slope for pygmy owls the last few days, so have been out early and late. This morning a cow moose was just west of our cabin, a bull moose just past Silver Gate, and 50 yards farther, a blond black bear with yearling cubs. At the state line a griz ran away from the road. On my hike, a black bear ambled across in front of me. Martens at the cabin. Still raining. 5-28-11 The rain and snow keeps on coming. Roads are closed through out our area. A slide near Black-tail has the road closed until this afternoon. Roads south of Jackson are closed. Probably for Days. I-90 has been closed east of Livingston off and on. East Gate has been closed more than it has been open. Roosevelt to Tower is still closed. 5-15-11 I've been hiking somewhere every day. Finding lots of bears. Yesterday I stumbled on The Black-tailed Pack in Hell Roaring. Today I checked out aspen groves in Sunlight Basin. Only came across moose and ruffed grouse. Marten at our cabin. 5-10-11 We just returned from Pa. where we picked up Cassie. She just finished her first year in college. Along the way we spotted 3 fox dens. Photos on LOOK PAGE. While we were gone our local griz brought down a moose just 100 yards from our cabin. 4-25-11 A griz ran down and killed an elk in deep snow across the valley from us today. Photos on LOOK Page . 4-19-11 Our female marten has returned and has given birth somewhere near by. I haven't been able to check out my nesting areas because of the deep snow. Nesting will be late, if it happens at all. We still have over 4 feet of snow on the ground. Last year we were basically free of snow going into May. 4-1-11 Cindy and I drove all the way around to Cody to check out nests the last couple of days. On the way through Yellowstone we watched The LaCanyon Pack feed on a kill north of Coyote. A great gray owl was near Elk Creek. The Canyon Pack? had a kill near Mammoth. A marten I thought dead as I haven't seen it all winter returned to our cabin today. (Growler)  3-20-11 Ran out into the Valley this morning. The Super Moon was just setting over Barronette. The LaCanyon Pack was traveling east south of The Old Picnic Area. They bedded south of Trash Can and the pups began mousing. Photos on Photo Journal Page. Bighorn near Hitching Post. 3 martens at our cabin3-12-11 Cindy and I drove into Bozeman yesterday, just to get a feel for spring. On the way, we saw The LaCanyon Pack south of Hitching Post. Last year we had 19" on the ground on this date. This year it's 45". We had our first black rosey finch, and a white crowned sparrow. I still haven't heard a boreal owl. Last year I was hearing half a dozen. Martens still visit mornings.  3-6-11 A new wolf has shown up in The Valley. A gray female with mange, possably the young female from the old Silver Pack. We've now reached 50" of snow on the level. A couple of martens still visit daily. 2-10-11 The LaCanyon Pack has a kill south of the Lamar Bridge this morning. Coyotes on an old LaCanyon kill in Ice Box Canyon. Lots of bald eagles between Gardiner and Livingston. Fox in Lamar Canyon. 1-27-11 The LaCanyon Pack is here in Silver Gate again. We haven't seen them but there's lots of tracks and howling. Small bull moose near Upper Barronette.  1-18-11 The LaCanyon Pack Was near they're kill near The Confluence. Three foxes and 3 coyotes were there also. Big horn at The Confluence and Wrecker. We're still having one heck of a winter. 2 cars off the road this morning. 1-10-11 A moose walked down the road past our cabin, a few minutes later a fox trotted by. 4 martens at our cabin. Cassie heads back to college Wednesday. High today was 3. 12-26-10 Happy Holidays!!! We watched 4 martens play in our yard last night. Also a fox. Great Christmas present!!! We're still seeing moose daily. 12-23-10 We just got back from the midwest where we picked up Cassie and brought her home for Christmas. While we were gone, Cindy hit a deer north of Gardiner and totaled our other car. The LaCanyon Pack had a kill at Lower Barronette yesterday. Bull moose below our cabin. Four martens at our cabin today. 12-8-10 The LaCanyon were just west of Silver Gate all day yesterday. They had a kill near Warm Creek. We have a marten with an injured leg here at our cabin. Female wolf #472 is dead. She was 9 years old, and the alpha of the Agate pack. For years she was the mate of #113. Cindy and I drove through the Park this morning before dawn. Just past The Hitching Post we came across The LaCanyon Pack running down the road away from us . They soon left the road and headed north. Big bull moose at Elk Creek. 30 bighorn north of Gardiner. When we got home, 2 martens were fighting in our woodpile. 12-02-10 The La Canyon Pack is bedded NE of the buffalo Ranch. Otter slide marks at The Confluence. Also an eagle. On my way in tonight I spotted a black wolf just east of Ice Box Canyon. He was plowing through chest deap snow 50 yards off the road in the timber. Marten in our woodpile. 11-23-10 Our power came back on last night. It had been off for 5 days. Griz still around our area. Marten here last night. A shrike killed a grosbeak in our yard. Winter is here!! 11-17-10 The Black-tail pack is in Hell Roaring this morning. A griz passed by our cabin today. Ermine just down the road. Marten here last night. It's been snowing for 4 days. 11-10-10 Wolf tracks on the Bannock Trail across the valley from our cabin. This morning a grizzly passed just above our cabin. Photos on Photo Joural Page. 11-9-10 The La Canyon Pack is somewhere around Round Prairie this morning. Tracks of at least 2 wolves at Warm Creek. I found a few more 100 yards west of the gate. Pygmy owl at our cabin. 2" of fresh snow. 11-5-10 Steve Justed and I ran down to Hayden one more time before the Interior closes Monday. Coyote mousing near Canyon. Swans on Swan Lake and above The Upper Falls. Griz near Pelican Trail Head. Great gray owl south of Bridge Bay. At our cabin on Halloween we had a black bear, 2 foxes, a marten and flying squirrels. 10-28-10 Black bear with cubs just west of Silver Gate on Mon. Late for a sow and cubs to be out this high. Marten and fox at our cabin. Also grosbeaks and rosey finches have returned. Flying squirrels at night. Griz tracks in the area. 10-20-10 The Lamar Canyon Pack made an appearance here in Silver Gate this morning. Between 8am and 8:30 they howled above and below our cabin. Some even crossed the road just east of town. By this evening they were at Soda Butte Cone. Black bear and cubs west of the NE Entrance.  10-11-10 I ran down to Canyon yesterday. Elk with harem at Roosevelt Jct. Bighorn at Calcite Overlook. Great horned owl above the Tower Store. Griz visable from Grizzly Overlook. Black bear near The Tower Store on my way home. Also a grizz near the tree line south side Little America. Rainy. 10-06-10 The Black-tail Pack (7)made an appearance across the river north of Boulder Pulloff this morning trying to drive a grizzly off a carcass. Black bear at the Yellowstone Bridge, and a black bear and cubs back the Black-tail drive. Pine grosbeak and fox at our cabin. 9-24-10 The Lamar Canyon Pack had a kill in Round Prairie yesterday. I went out this morning and the kill was gone. Cow and bull moose in Round Prairie, also another pair east of Cooke City. Black bear on Tower Hill. Griz near the Lamar Bridge. 9-17-10 Kelly and I ran down to cayon at dawn. Griz and cub west of Trout Lake. Griz an 2 cubs on Dunraven. Fire burning east of Antelope Creek. Female wolf #753 of the Silver Pack was killed by a bison. The rest of the pack looks good. 9-13-10 Kelly and I hiked up to the indian village near the old Druid wolf dens yesterday. Kelly had just started a painting when I spotted an approaching grizzly, so we got out of there. 9-11-10 Kelly and I went up to the Beartooths this morning. A bald eagle was soaring above Long Lake. We spotted a mt. goat and kid off the pass where there was 2" of snow on the highway. This evening we hiked up to to the pica colony above our cabin. Watched 2 gathering grass. The Lamar Canyon Pack have a kill west of the Lamar Bridge. 9-7-10 Black wolf on a carcass north side Little America. Black bear just north of Corwin Springs. (north of Gardiner) Black bear above the Tower Parking Area. A fox pup grabbed a squirrel at our cabin. Dusted with snow yesterday morning. 22 last night. 9-4-10 Kelly and I hiked in to the old poachers cabin off Black-tail Drive yesterday. We saw deer, bison and coyotes. Also checked out a wolf den. Black bears feeding on rose hips near The Petrified Tree Road and the high bridge near Roosevelt Jct. Fox above our cabin. 8-31-10 We Took Cassie to college in Pennsylvania, Kelly goes to Oregan in Sept. Kelly and I headed up into the Beartooths Sat. We came across fresh bear sign, great gray feathers, and two fox pups. Also fresh wolf tracks. Moose at Warm Creek. Snow on the mountains around us. High was 45.   8-17-10 We went up into the Beartooths at dawn. Saw goats. pica, marmonts, golden mantled ground squirrels and a weasel. The Lamar Canyon Pack is still being seen back Slough. Griz and cubs on Washburn. Black bear passed by our cabin. A new Web Site has emerged of which I am a part of. It will have daily wolf up dates. Also timely wilderness news from around the Web. I will contribute an indepth story from an experience over the past week, every week. As will Nathen Varley. There will be a $20 yearly fee to help defer the high cost of gas in the Yellowstone region. To locate this site go to www.yellowstonereports.com  8-2-10 Hiked above Pebble Creek tonight to check on the great gray owl family. Took over an hour but did find the male. Up in the Beartooths, The girls and I found two billies fairly close to the road. Marten at our cabin. The bison rut is going on in Hayden. The griz and two cubs still on Dunraven.  7-30-10 The sow and 3 yearling cubs involved in the fatal attacks in The Soda Butte Campground have been captured and transported to Bozeman. They will be put down as they did feed on the victim.  7-28-10 A bear attack occurred in The Soda Butte Campground just east of Cooke City around 2AM last night. One person was killed and two others were injured. It possibly could have been three separate attacks. In a related story, The Today Show ran a short piece on author Jim Cole who passed away in his sleep. He had just released his book on surviving a grizzly attack. 7-20-10 Black bears at NE Gate, Pebble Creek and Floating Island. We had martens living in a cabin near us. Read about it on Yellowstone Reports. The Canyon Pack is being seen in Hayden Valley. 7-05-10 There's a carcass in the river west of The Old Lamar Picnic Area being fed on by wolves, a grizzly and a black bear and cubs. My great gray chick fledged from the Pebble Creek nest. Up in The Beartooths we found an aspen grove holding 9 song bird nests. 7-2-10 We've seen a weasel around our cabin lately. Breeding pair of martens still here almost daily. Check Out Our New Owl Photos On The OWL PAGE. Pygmy owl near Ice Box Canyon. 4 wolf pups from The Silver Pack being seen at the Rendezvous Site. New great gray owl spotted hunting in The Beartooths by Cassie. 6-25-10 Breeding pair of martens at our cabin. Long-tailed weasel edge of Silver Gate. Moose calf at the NE Gate. Black bear on a bison calf on Tower Hill. Black bear at Soda Butte Picnic Area. Griz on Specimen. Silver Pack with pups at The Rendezvous Site. 6-14-10 Black bears at Lower Barronette, Round Prarie, Little America, Tower Hill and Phantom Lake. A baby marten was chased from our cabin by the big male, who was then backed down by the female. 6-13-10 Male & female martens were at our cabin today meaningh the beginning of breeding season. Black bear & cub on Specimine. Black bear at The Yellowstone Bridge. Two bull moose east of Pebble. A whooping crane was seen back Slough road. My other great gray nest chicks are only 10 days old. 6-10-10 Steve Justad and I hiked down in to Hell Roaring yesterday and ran into a black bear that huffed at us as we passed by.  Baby marten and a fox carrying a marmot at our cabin.  A flying squirrrel appeared at 2:30 in the afternoon.  Wierd. I had to chase a colt (baby sandhill crane) off the highway.  My Beartooth Owls have fledged. 6-4-10 Griz and cubs up on Dunraven. Marten, fox and moose at our cabin. I've been photographing a great gray nest in the Beartooths. Example on Photo Journal Page. Kelly spotted a flying squirrel at our cabin in day time. 5-26-10 I hiked Lost Lake Trail this morning. Lots of birds getting ready to nest. Ran into a black bear. Moose at Warm Creek. Grizzlys up on MT. Norris. Marten at our cabin. 5-23-10 There's been a Griz with 4 cubs south of Mammoth Upper Terraces. Gray wolf at Black-tailed Ponds. Cow & calf moose at our cabin yesterday. Black bears seem to be everywhere. Great gray owl up Tower Road.  5-10-10 Black bear & 2 yearling cubs at Floating Island. Lone black bear west of Hell Roaring. 2 moose near Pebble Creek. 5-6-10  There's a kill in Chinese Gardens this morning. Griz near Pebble Creek. 2 moose below our cabin.  7" of snow last night & 16 degrees. 5-3-10 Canyon Pack has a kill in Chinese Gardens. Very windy, with snow. 5-1-10  5 cranes  at Black-tailed Pond. Bighorn at The Yellowstone Picnic Area. Golden eagle at The Buffalo Ranch and a griz far to the south. Snowing.  4-28-10 Black bear at Floating Island the last few days. Black bear and yearling cub at Phantom Lake. Lots of bison calves. Marmont near Black-tailed Drive entrance. Female marten at our cabin. Windy and snowing. 4-20-10 The Silver Pack has a kill in the river west of the Confluence. #755's pack was visable with 2 grizzlys from Wrecker. I hiked The Lost Lake Trail. Found bear tracks, displaying blue grouse and white-tailed deer. 4-18-10 Griz west of Aspen pulloff in Little America. Boreal owl and fox at Upper Barronette. 4-16-10 I drove down to Gibbon Falls this morning. Spotted a griz south of Twin Lakes. Saw another griz from Hell Roaring, thanks to Bill Hamblin. Marten at our cabin. 4-13-10 I went for a hike yesterday and was soaking up the Spring weather. The flickers and mt. blue birds were calling all around me, and in the distance I could hear sand-hill cranes. I came across a black bear just out of it's den. But now today, winter has returned  big time with The Valley having near blizzard like visability. Marten at our cabin. 4-8-10 A Gentleman has informed me that he would like to sell one of my framed photos.  It turns out it was one of the first ones I ever sold back in 1987.  It is of a huge bighorn ram taken in Canada.  The frame is 20X24.  A photo of the ram "Curls In The Sky" is at the bottom of this page as it appeared in a magazine years ago.  His contact info is 719-636-5065. 3 martens at our cabin4-3-10 We got back this afternoon from our trip to the coast. The Canyon Pack was across the road from The Mammoth Campground. We had 6 new inches of snow at our cabin. 3-19-10 My first griz near the Yellowstone Bridge. Fresh kill by The Canyon Pack near Wraith Falls Parking Area. Blue birds in Little America. Bighorn on Jct. Butte. 3-10-10 The Silver Pack (5) was far north of Wrecker. A lone unknown black was near the road near Jct. Butte. Moose in Round Prairie. Marten at or cabin. 2-28-10 Another Druid female is gone, so that leaves one. #480 hasn't been seen in a month. Otters at Picnic. Great horned, pygmy and boreal owls are all calling at our cabin. Martens here also. 2-22-10 The Canyon Pack have a kill near Mammath. Mt. lion kill on the high slopes of Jct. Butte. 06 and 3 others have been making kills in Lamar Canyon. Pygmy owl calling. 2-16-10 There's a carcass in Lamar Canyon, north side. 2 of the few remaining Druids are near Trout Lake. 4 rams on the cliffs near Hitching Post. Marten at our cabin. Boreal owl calling nightly. 2-10-10 The other night a  lone wolf passed by our cabin and took my snowshoe trail heading east. Otter at The Lamar Bridge. The Silver Pack west of The Confluence. 2-4-10 The Park collared 4 Black-tail wolves, a yearling F Silver Pack and  recollared #147. This Morning, M #147 drew the 2  young Silver Pack females up to him and hung out with them for awhile until the big Silver Pack male appeared and ran him off. Snowing. 2-1-10 The Silver Pack was in Round Prairie. Druid F #691 was found frozen under a cabin at The Buffalo Ranch. 3 more Druids are also in bad shape. 1-27-10  Traveling from Undine Falls to the high bridge south of Mammoth I followed a cat for about a mile. Looking at its tracks I am 90% sure it was a bobcat and not a lynx.  Marten at our cabin. 1-25-10 The Silver Pack was visiting an old carcass south of Dorthys ths morning . Marten at our cabin. 1-21-10 Our male marten visited our cabin twice today. Four moose below our cabin, and a cow and small calf a mile east. Cindy saw a peregrine falcon near Mammoth. 1-19-10 Good day for wolf watching. The Agates (2) were howling south side in Little America. The Druids south of Hitching Post. 2 Mollies south of Footbridge. The Millers were north of Hitching Post. I called in a pygmy owl at our cabin yesterday morning. Marten also at our cabin. 1-13-10 The 2 blacks from The Miller Pack moved east from The Old Lamar Picnic Area this morning. The gray from this pack has disappeared. 7 otters in The Soda Butte. 1-09-10 I laid a Lower Barronette snowshoe trail today. Lots of wolf viewing from The Valley to Black-tailed. Tonight a fox, marten, sowshoe hare and flying squirrel appeared in our yard. 1-1-10 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! The girls and I took our annual New Years Eve midnight snowshoe hike. Photo On Photo Journal Page. #682s Pack near Soda Butte Cone.  12-27-09 Lots of wolf activity the last few days. This morning The Lava Creek Pack (3)was bedded on Specimen. Mid afternoon, The Silver Pack (4) appeared and chased them down across the road. 2 martens at our cabin. 12-025-09 Went out last night and came apon The Miller Pack on a bull elk carcass in The Soda Butte just east of Trout Lake. The Mollies appeared near Rosevelt Jct. Went out this morning and made it as far as Warm Creek before I went off the road. Marten at our cabin and a hundred rosey finches. Heavy Snow. 12-23-09 Boreal owl called below our cabin last night. Wolf #147, #471 and one other climbed Speciman this morning. The Druids howled north of Lamar Canyon. A ram made his way across the flats from Mt. Norris to The cliffs above The Confluence. A golden eagle attacked a flock of ducks also at The Confluence. Otter tracks below our cabin. Marten here at 3:30 PM. 12-20-09  Marten and sharp-shinned hawk at our cabin and 2 moose below our cabin this morning. Goshawk along The Soda Butte . New photos on Photo Journal Page. 12-16-09  7 Druids and 3 wolves with #471 were back Slough with another wolf or two coming in from the east. The Miller's were up Crystal. All were howling to each other. I spent 2 hours with 5 otters at The Confluence. When I got back to the cabin, our big male marten soon arrived. I beleave he is now the largest marten I've observed over the last 32 years. 12-12-09 Heavy snow. The Druids (9) are on a kill in Little America. North side.  Muskrat crossed the road in Little America. Rams in Gardiner Canyon. New wolf photo for sale on Wolf Page. 12-08-09 Extreme cold continuing, with wind and light snow. Didn't seen much coming through the Park this morning. On Sunday evening, taking Cassie back to school, we came upon the Miller or #697's Pack just west of Soda Butte Cone. They circled us for a few minutes before crossing south into the valley. See Photos on Photo Journal Page.12-2-09 Snow storm yesterday followed by extreme cold last night. -24 degrees. Otters at The Confluence. Wolves in The Rendezvous Site. Ermine tracks around our cabin. 11-23-09 Fox near Black-tail Drive. Druids just east of Roosavelt Jct. 2or 3 black wolves in Little America. Otters near The Confluence.11-17-09 The Druids were moving east across Specimen this morning. Bighorn rutting in Gardiner Canyon. 11-15-09 Our Internet has been out for the last week so haven't been able to update. Cassie photographed a Druid on her way home from school Fri. See photo Journal Page. Our first marten of the winter visited Thurs. Foxes still hanging around. Cold and snowy. Rosey finches have arrived. 10-27-09 The Druids were hanging around a kill north of Fishermans this morning. The Black-tails were visable from Elk Creek. 10-23-09 Our good friend Fred had a great few minutes with 3 of the Canyon Pack west of Canyon Jct. Wed. I was there on Thursday but didn't see any thing. Fox at our cabin. Cassie spotted a horned owl near Pebble Creek. 10-19-09 We spent the last few days driving to and from Portland, checking out colleges for Cassie. On the way out on Wed. I watched The Druids corner an elk in the Lamar River. Photo on Photo Journal Page. On the way in yesterday, I spotted a great gray owl chick near one of our nesting sites. 10-12-09  As many of you probably already know, Alpha Male #302 of the BlackTail Pack was killed by another pack.  So another famous wolf gone.  Wached two foxes hunt voles in our front yard all day yesterday.  Our pine grosbeak flock has returned as it now looks like winter.  Down to zero this past weekend. 9-11-09 See Photo Journal Page for elk skull photos. 8-12-09 A three weasel day!!! Cassie and I took college 26 students from White Water WI. on a hike this morning to check out one of our great gray owl families. We hadn't visited them in 3 weeks, so it took us awhile to find them. On the way we spotted a weasel at the Cofluence. After our hike, Cassie and I came across a badger near The Buffalo Ranch. When we got home a marten at our cabin. Wolves seen back Slough. A black wolf has been chasing deer in the forests around Silver Gate. I've only seen it's tracks. Also black and a grizzly bear between our cabin and Cooke City. 7-28-09 Left at dawn for Hayden Valley. Black bear at Upper Barronette, fox at Calcite, Griz on Washburn and Canyon Pack across the river in Hayden. Martena at our cabin. 7-24-09 Spent last night with our great gray owl family. Was dark and rainy. This morning was spent with our great horned owl family. Black bear at Pebble Creek. Marten at our cabin. Our phone is out (road constuction) Probably all weekend. 7-22-09 We went up to the Beartooths before dawn. Saw a fox, 2 mountain goats close to the road and Blue grouse displaying in the wildflowers on Clay Butte. Also checked in on our great horned owl family.  Marten at our cabin every day. Black bear near Upper Barronette. Grizzlies up on Duraven. 7-8-09 Spent last evening with my great gray owl family. The male brought in 3 pocket gophers, so the family is doing fine. This morning I ran out to our great horned family, and found more than I expected. There were 3 chicks when I had only seen 2 before!!!  See Photos On Photo Joural Page. Black bear and 2 cubs at Yellowstone Bridge. 7-5-09 I went out to the great horned owl family this morning. Soon found them. Also a cow and calf moose. See Photo Journal Page. 7-3-09 On the way back from Cody, we rescued a salamder on the Hwy, saw a badger, 3 deer with twin fawns, found a three toed woodpecker nest and came across a great horned owl family. Raining. Also our golden eagles are fledging. Photos on Photo Journal Page. 7-2-09 Black bear and cubs at Elk Creek. Black bear and cub up Petrified Tree Road. Single black bear near Hell Roaring. Injured black wolf near the NE Gate. Badger crossed the road east of Cooke Pass. 5 mt. goats close to the road near West Summet in the Beartooths. Watched several bird nests. Visited one of our great gray owl nests. Chicks are doing fine. 6-27-09 3 moose and a fox on the way to Cody. On a hike in the Beartooths today, we watched williamson's sapsuckers , hairy woodpeckers, mt. blue birds and tree swallows feed their young. Also came across a sickingly large bear bed. Courting marten pair at our cabin. 6-20-09 This morning we woke up to a marten hanging out in our front yard. Soon after, a cow and tiny calf moose passed with in 3 feet of our front windows. 6-19-09 Black bears at Hellroaring, Pebble Creek and Rosevelt. Fox at Jct. Butte. badgers farther east. Cassie and I watched a hawk attack our great gray owl nest, also another hawk stole a mouse from a raven near the Buffalo Ranch. 6-15-09 The girls and I were driving pass Pebble Creek this morning , when an elk came charging down through the aspens to the north followed by 5 wolves. 3 black 2 gray. Another black wolf was on a kill south of The Old Yellowstone Picnic Area. Black bear near Hell Roaring. Coyote den on Tower Hill also 2 courting black bears. 6-12-09 Cassie and I went into The Park last night. Black bear at Pebble Creek, black wolf on a carcass near Soda Butte Cone, griz low on Speciman, black bear near Hell Roaring, bull moose in Floating Island Lake and great gray owl near Phantom Lake. Martens at our cabin. 6-08-09 Snowing daily. Martens at our cabin. 6-03-09 Our Anniversary!!! Black wolf behind The Old Lamar Picnic Area. Moose cow and calf near Trout Lake. Black bear near Hell Roaring. 2 martens at our cabin. 5-29-09 Moose at Warm Creek, Lower Barronette and Trout Lake this morning. 2 black wolves hunting for the coyote den above The Buffalo Ranch. Bighorn lambs playing above Chineese Gardens.  5-26-09  2 wolves were on a kill west of Elk Creek this morning. Badger family still at Boulder Pull Off. Female marten at our cabin daily. 5-25-09 Up in the Beartooths, we spotted 4 mt. goats. Not as much snow as last year. On a hike up there we saw lots of blue and ruffed grouse, sandhill cranes and moose. Our Great Gray Owl chicks have hatched. Lots of wolf and bear activity in the park. Cinnamon bear near Phantom Lake. 5-12-09  3 wolves crossed near Frog Rock. Wolf #472 was south side in Little America. The Druids were out near their den site. Black bear crossed the road west Lamar Canyon. Griz near Footbridge. Heavy snow. 5-9-09 Spotted 5 black bears from Jct. Butte to Phantom Lake where I saw a great gray owl. Marten and two foxes at our cabin. Blue grouse displaying at Calcite. Griz at Jct. Butte. 5-6-09 I went out after dark to Pebble Creek to see if I could hear the mate of the boreal owl I found earlier. I was about to get out when I spotted eyes glowing from the trees about 30ft away. I pointed my flashlight and discovered a griz with two cubs looking back at me. I didn't hear the owl. 5-5-09 The Druids are across from Coyote this morning. Agate #472 was on Specimine. Merlin at our cabin. I found a dead boreal owl near Pebble Creek4-30-09 The Agates Attacked a coyote den SE of Jct. Butte this morning. On a hike today I spotted a black bear sleeping under a tree, watched ospry build their nest and had 2 yearling lambs on the trail.  4-2-09 Some kind of a kill near Chinese Gardens, with a mangy black wolf on it. Buffalo carcass at the confluence. Marten, fox and three legged coyote at our cabin. 3-28-09 The Druids have a double kill near Foot Bridge. Fox and flying squirrels at our cabin last night. YELLOWSTONE  The Battle For Life Airs on Animal Planet tomorrow  2-2-09 My grandmothers 101th birthday !!!!!   The Canyon Pack wes bedded between Mammoth and the High Bridge this morning when they suddenly chased a coyote down to the road. Pictures on Photo Journal Page. Marten at our cabin. 1-31-09 The Hayden Pack (3 members) have been hanging out between Mammoth and Lava Creek recently. 3 wolves were bedded west of Slough all day. Moose at Pebble Creek. Marten and pygmy owl at our cabin. 12-22-08 302's Pack killed an elk near Phantom Lake. Marten at our cabin. 8" of snow today. Our book When The Wolves Returned, has been awarded the Outstanding Science Trade Book 2009 by the National Science Teachers Association and the  Childrens Book Council. -8-22-08 We took Kelly to college yesterday. For years you know that day is waiting out there,but it still seems to sneak up on you some how. Her address is: Northwest College  139 Lewis & Clark Hall  Powell, WY  82435.  8-6-08 We were up in the Beartooths photographing flowers, when a marten bounded past us at 11000 ft. elevation  Photos are on PHOTO JOURNAL PAGE This morning Cindy was awakened by piercing screams and a roaring sound.  She looked out the window and saw two cow moose racing back and forth right below our cabin.  I hopped into the car and stopped directly below our cabin.  A grizzly raised its head out of the willows 40 feet away.  The cow moose was 20 feet in front of me.  I pulled into my neighbors drive and got out trying to find a different angle.  Suddenly it stood up 50 feet away with the calf dangling from its' jaws.  I went to take a photo, my card was full!  The grizz dropped to the ground and lumbered away carrying the calf as I changed cards and took a series of shots.  It's now feeding on the calf in thick willows 50 feet off the road right below our cabin. Courtship for our martens has begun with a male and female here together Sunday afternoon.   6-2-08 We have a photo in Defenders magazine this issue. (Druid Howlers) 3-2-08 The pygmy has struck again. See Photo Journal Page. 1 marten at our cabin. Great Gray Owl near our cabin.  2-12-08 Last night at 9PM, I looked out to see a snowshoe hare in our yard. It suddenly darted away and a boreal owl landed in the tree above. A few minutes then the little owl took off and I spotted a marten approaching a few feet behind it.  2-02-08  5 martens at our cabin yesterday, one a new youngster.  Finished 10 day shoot with BBC at our cabin.  Good Luck with pine martens, snowshoe hares and birds. The pygmy owl did not show very often.    Badger digging at Hitching Post. Pygmy Owl caught a pine grosbeak at our cabin 12:30PM Kelly spotted an ermine near the NE Gate.  12-15-07 The pygmy owl killed another grosbeak at our cabin. See photos on Photo Journal Page 12-10-07 Cindy & Kelly had a black wolf cross the road between the High Bridge and Mammoth. Marten at our cabin. Below zero tonight. 12-09-07  The Series Planet Earth featuring our pine martens will be on Discovery tonight.

For more info on Yellowstone wolves visit :     www.tracknature.com
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