Wildlife Along the Rockies
                                                                                            by Dan & Cindy Hartman
Cassie's Page.
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                        IN THE PINES
Cassie photographed this scene one snowy morning last winter.  This bull elk was feeding in a meadow along the Soda Butte Creek just after Christmas.

 Cassies love of  all  wildlife especially those found in our own backyard, is evident in her images.
Parting  Shot
Above: One spring while hiking with her parents (photographers Dan and Cindy Hartman) near their home in Silver Gate, 10-year-old Cassie Hartman spied this elk skeleton pinned beneath a fallen tree. Looking closer, the family found where a branch spike on the tree appeared to have impaled the animal's vertebra.
"I had my camara and tripod with me," says Cassie,"and I thought it might be a good picture." After circling the scene to find the right angle and lighting, she decided on this composition. At first glance it appears to be just antlers among flowers, but a closer look reveals the tree, inviting speculation: Did it actually kill the bull, and, if so, what are the odds of something like that occurring? Or did the bull die of anouther cause,and then the tree fell later on the carcass?
"I'm pretty sure the tree landed on the elk and killed it," says Cassie."That's why I thought this was such an interesting picture."
Cassies Marten
I spotted this marten climbing through the trees below our cabin.  I shot a roll but was only able to get a few of them sharp, as he is very quick.  This is my favorite.
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Cassie's  Great  Gray  Owl
Cassie photographed this rare great gray owl
near Cooke Pass during a snowstorm.  We
watched the owl until it caught a vole and
disappeared into the forest.
Forest Hunter  (Pygmy Owl)
Cassie photographed this tiny pygmy owl as it hunted below our cabin. This owl and it's mate became  regular visitors over the winter.


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Phantom Of The Beartooths
Cassie photographed this rare great gray owl this spring in the foothills of the Beartooth Mts.
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Cassie stands beside an elk killed by the Druid Peak Wolf Pack. (2 miles from our cabin)
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A mountain blue bird feeds his young nesting in an aspen tree cavity.
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